When many people think of Austin, they immediately think of the live music, great restaurants, easy access to the water, and beautiful views of the Greenbelt, but how often are residents actually getting to enjoy all of the amenities they have at their disposal?

In a recent study, data was compiled on 40 U.S. cities in order to really dig into the work-life balance of those who call those cities home. While Austin received the top rank compared to where Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas fell on the list, Austin still only came in towards the middle of the list overall.

When comparing the data related to the amount of time workers dedicate to their jobs compared to other factors of living in the city, Austin ranked in at number 18. One item that brought the rank down was that local residents work longer hours than most people in other cities. Austinites average a 43.5-hour work week, which was the third-longest work week out of the cities evaluated. While this number and the average commute times brought the rank down, the overall happiness level of residents calling Austin home brought the rank up.

The scores were averaged and grouped into three categories, with researchers focusing on work intensity, society and institutions, and city livability. It seems that many residents of Austin are willing to work a few extra hours a week in order to receive all of the perks that come with calling Austin home. We’ve found in our own research that where you reside can dramatically increase your work-life balance and leave you with more time in the day to enjoy the things you love.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in order to be closer to friends, family, or your office, give our team a call! We’d love to see Austin’s work-life ranking improve and see our clients happy.