Every year Austin is flooded with tourists and visitors coming to take part in the shows, panels, and parties that are a part of the SXSW craze. For many residents, taking days off of work to spend hundreds of dollars on badges to get into these events is outside the realm of what’s doable and affordable, but luckily there are a ton of free events to check out. Join the rest of the Austinites turning out for the free events at these local venues

Hotel Vegas
March 13 - 17, Hotel Vegas will host a variety of free shows, including Calliope Musicals, Annabelle Chairlegs, and Country Legend Roky Moon. Hotel Vegas will also be partnering with Do512 to present Galactic Interactive and Strange Brew 9.

Continental Club
The Continental Club has always been an Austin staple for up-and-coming artists, which makes it a great SXSW venue. March 17 - 21, the Continental Club will be hosting day parties with some great guests. On the 20th, there will be an AMG day party with Brendan Kelly, Vallejo, Sue Foley, the Minks, Love & Chaos, and Laura Cantrell.

Mozart's Coffee Roasters
March 20 at 7 PM, there will be a USA Songwriting Competition showcase with Jamie Alimorad, Michael Wesley Stinson, Vân Scott, Justin Hooper & the Simple Parade, Keith Rayburn. It’s a free event that is unlike anything you’ll find at another music festival.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse
Cherrywood Coffeehouse is hosting Slime Fest with Plz Rspnd and a variety of other guests starting at noon on March 19. So stop in on your lunch break and then come back after you wrap up work for the day to check out the guests.

Spider House Ballroom
There will be a few of Aunt Cindy's Wicked Waltz events hosted at the Spider House Ballroom with guests that include WOW, Korine, As Above/So Below, Total Chroma, Parlor Walls, Blushh, Grivo, Eternal Crimes, and Grlwood.

For a complete list of free SXSW events to check out, click here. There’s a lot more to Austin than just SXSW, so we wish you luck on fighting the added traffic and making it into work on time. If you know of anyone coming into town for the SXSW events and who decide to stick around, give us a call at (512) 586-7270. We’d be more than happy to help them find a house to call home in Austin.