We won’t tell you that living in Austin doesn’t come with a ton of perks, but we also want to give you a true glimpse of what it’s like to call the city home. You see, Austin has a slew of pros and cons, as does any city, and it’s important to look at the list from all sides before making a decision on where you want to reside.

Bumper to Bumper Traffic and all the Bumps in the Road

With an estimated one million residents living in Austin by 2020, we’ve seen immense growth. With that comes atrocious traffic and even worse construction patterns. A simple drive to the store that should take only five minutes, can take up to thirty depending on where you live and when you head out. On top of that, you may hit road construction or a new building that’s going up, which can add extra delays and detours taking you through parts of Austin you’ve never seen before.

Pooches and Pets Everywhere

If you’re allergic to animals, you may have a hard time finding places to visit where a dog isn’t hanging out. A lot of bars, restaurants, and entertainment spots have opened their doors to the community and their four-legged friends. It’s hard to focus on your meal when you have puppy-dog eyes staring at you from across the table in the hopes you drop that chicken bone.

Staying Festive

Thousands of people flock to Austin for SXSW and Austin City Limits every year. If you don’t plan on attending these festivals, day-to-day life can be hard. Finding ways to get around without running into even bigger traffic jams or getting stuck on packed busses can be the hardest thing to do. Stores will be completely wiped out of basic necessities and your tolerance for party-like shenanigans is tested.

Seasons? What are those?

If fall, spring, or even winter are your favorite seasons, it may be hard to fathom the fact that those jackets and hoodies can only be worn for a few weeks of the year or indoors on the days that the A/C is turned up a little too high. Austinites have resigned themselves to sweltering heat and humidity than can even cause a dog’s fur to stand on end. Leaves all choose one day in November to emancipate themselves from the trees, which is as close to fall as we get. Spring is a time when torrential downpours can pop up in the blink of an eye -- pack rainboots on the days you plan to wear sandals to the office. Trust us, they’ll come in handy.

Pricing and People

As more and more people flock to our beloved city, we’re seeing inflation in Austin prices and a change to property taxes. It’s hard not to worry that those fleeing from California will soon bring the higher cost of living and insane taxes to central Texas.

That all said, we love Austin despite its quirks and sometimes migraine-inducing frustrations. There’s nowhere else we’d rather call home. If you feel the same way and need a team that can help you buy or sell a home, give us a call.