With just a few weeks before the city is swarming with visitors, headline recording artists, and a whirlwind of music, we think it’s important to give you some tips on how to handle everything that’s coming!

If you’re planning on attending the festivities, don't forget to download the ACL app for all the information you need and any alerts you’ll want to know about. Register for ACL Cashless so you can activate your wristband to pay for all of your needs at the festival via your credit card without taking out your credit card. Don’t enter Zilker Park without a refillable water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, a portable charger, and Advil. It’s good to be prepared for the warm weather, so you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

For all those who aren’t planning to attend, it’s in your best interest to avoid the Zilker Park/downtown Austin area if at all possible. Traffic will be more of a beast for the two weekends in October that the festival goes on, so add in some extra time to your commutes, especially after 2 PM. If you’re in the downtown area after dark, know that calling a rideshare service may be difficult and that the fares will come with large surcharges. Tons of people will be hitting the streets to walk home after the headlining act’s set is over, so beware of pedestrians and anyone jaywalking.

Buses will be extra packed and everyone will be exhausted and vying for a seat to kick their feet up and spend a few minutes relaxing in the air conditioning. Stores will have a depleted selection of certain items and will again be packed full of people. Longer lines are expected and you may have some trouble finding the things you’re looking for. You may want to plan your grocery shopping trips and errands before Austin City Limits comes to town.

We hope you all have a safe and fun time out at the festival, and if the festivities bring any new friends who love the area and are thinking of making the city their home, point them in our direction! We’d be happy to show them the area and make sure they find the home of their dreams.