As Austin continues to expand, the Southeast area is where developers are looking to create new projects to fit the growing needs of the community. In fact, there is a mixed-use development underway just east of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

A site plan application has been filed for roughly 300 apartments on 10 acres at 3326 E. State Highway 71. The apartments are a part of a larger project called Velocity to develop 314 acres along the SH 130 corridor.

Over the next several years, millions of square feet of apartments, offices, retail, hotels, and industrial space will be popping up along the corridor. Developers are still in the early stages while they begin to build out the necessary infrastructures like where the roads and buildings will go.

In the next 20 years, the Austin metro area is expected to grow by another 1.5 million people, and with more open land in East Austin, it’s likely to be where the latest developments will grow. Velocity is a large undertaking and will take several years to complete, but it’s expected to bring much-needed commercial and retail space to the growing residential developments that will be coming soon. The apartments included in the Velocity site plans are expected to be the first projects to be constructed before moving on to the offices, retail, hotels, and industrial spaces.

Velocity isn’t the only project that’s taking place along the SH 130 corridor. There are 46 acres that were bought by H-E-B LP for a potential future store and 124 acres bought by Austin Community College for programs like automotive technology, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology.

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