We won’t try to be coy; we know that everyone’s days revolve around getting things done as quickly as possible so you can make it back to your couch or bed to binge another series on Netflix. For some of you, there may be a running list of excuses you use to get out of plans last minute in order to keep your date with your ice cream, fuzzy blanket, and 100th time watching The Office. Because we know you so well, we’ve come up with a list of Netflix shows to add to your queue and binge-watch over the weekend based on where you reside in Austin.

Rollingwood, Tarrytown, and Clarksville

Grace and Frankie are just as quirky as the residents in this neighborhood. The crazy stories you can overhear in the grocery stores could very well be the plot for an episode or two of Grace and Frankie. Prepare to laugh until your sides hurt and pause the show to shout out, “That sounds like ______ down the block, don’t ya think?” We know you’ll be talking to yourself, but we promise not to judge you too harshly.

Downtown Austin

Who the fork knows their neighbors in Downtown Austin? For a show that points out how hard it can be to be good in a sea of bad, The Good Place is the perfect choice for an urban city-dweller such as yourself. You may even find yourself relating to Eleanor Shelstrop’s tricks to get out of being the designated driver for her happy hour outings with her coworkers. We recommend you watch with a pen and paper handy, because you may want to take notes.

North Austin

The business world may be expanding to North Austin, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you see fraternity brothers who graduated 20 years ago working out in the gym together and talking about the old days. That desire to stay linked to the “good old days” is what makes Friends From College the perfect show for this neighborhood. The residents will get older, but the problems they face will stay rooted in who they were when they were 21.

East Austin

This area of the city has seen a ton of changes in the last few years, including a flood of residents with higher incomes. Those who have stuck around to see the changes to the neighborhood will relate to Schitt's Creek. The pampered family has to find a way to make their lives in a new environment work for them. The similarities are almost eerie.


Nailed It speaks to the residents that have big dreams, a lot of confidence in their abilities but lack some skills when it comes to the follow-through. There’s a ton of potential, whether we’re talking about the neighborhood or the desserts, but it just falls flat - sometimes literally.

All jokes aside, each Austin neighborhood has something great to offer. We’ve become experts on what lifestyle each neighborhood will fit to ensure you find a home that keeps you happy for many years. For help navigating the crazy Austin market or a recommendation on what Netflix show will be your new favorite, reach out to us at (512) 586-7270.