While downtown Austin is chock-full of large corporations that employ thousands of people in the city and its surrounding areas, there’s no doubt that Austin is also home to a variety of small businesses. In this vibrant area, it’s not surprising to see why innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are so common amongst Austinites.

Austin residents aren’t the only ones who are boasting about the small businesses we have growing though. In a recent study, Thumbtack gave Austin an “A+” in its small business friendliness survey. Thumbtack gathered info from surveys that more than 5,000 small business owners filled out. The surveys covered a variety of topics, including the ease of starting a business and hiring employees, licensing and regulations, and training and networking programs available. Austin received a “B” or better in six of the eight categories that were covered in the survey.

The “A+” rating was enough to put Austin in the top spot amongst 44 other cities that had surveys distributed to small business owners. These survey results come just a few months after the city revamped its programs to prioritize local business development.

Fort Worth and Houston also made the list, and they come in at number two and number four, respectively. Whatever city officials and business owners have been doing was enough to make Austin the friendliest city in the country for small businesses. It will be interesting to see if the community can continue this momentum and gather the support of other entrepreneurs looking to open their own local business.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your idea to life, Austin is the place to do that. Follow your dreams and move to the city that has life-changing opportunities for everyone. We’ll be here to help you get settled in and find the home that will take your business and your family to the next level.