With Dr. Seuss’s birthday recently come and gone, we thought we’d channel some of his creativity and imagination to describe the Austin buying and selling process. It doesn’t have to be a complicated story with a great team by your side, so let’s see if these rhymes show you that we have the skill to guide you through these times. (Full disclosure: we rhymed that last line on purpose).

What Home Should You Buy?

What home should you buy?
You’d like one with a pool,
But nothing too big,
Just something to keep you cool.

What home should you buy?
You’re a family of four,
But when grandma visits,
You’ll need room for one more.

What home should you buy?
You like to spend time outside.
Bike, walk, jog -- you love it all.
Staying active gives you pride.

What home should you buy?
You want something that’s just right.
Big windows with a ton of natural light
So every room feels airy and bright.

What home should you buy?
A big tub would give you a home spa.
The bubble baths would melt stress
And leave you in total awe.

What home should you buy?
You’re thinking about going back to work.
Longer projects and weekend projects may occur,
So a dedicated home office would be a perk.

What home should you buy?
Call Mark and Derrick
To help you get a good start.
They’ll help you make the right pick.

It’s Time to Sell Your Home.

It’s time to sell.
Plant a few flowers,
So buyers don’t cower.
Paint the door,
So your home isn’t a bore.
Make it a wide-open space.
No one likes navigating a maze.
Too much clutter
Can put your home in the gutter.
Show a blank canvas
That people can make their own oasis.
Deep clean, scrub, and touch up.
Will people notice? “Yup!”
Before a showing, take a whiff.
Buyers need to like what they sniff.
Wondering if you should stage?
That’s easy for Team ATX Life to gauge.

We hope that in these rhymes, you found some helpful advice. If you have questions about buying and selling a home, you never have far to roam. The Austin real estate market is where we excel, so just give us a call at (512) 586-7270.