The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit, here are some decorating tips to help make it a little easier. From table centerpieces to outside decor, surrounding yourself with festive decor may just help you get ready to celebrate.

The front door is the entryway to a spirited holiday celebration in your home. Make it welcoming with a simple wreath that can be specific to any holiday. Whether you want a Fall feel or Christmas decor, a wreath is simple yet effective in creating the holiday ambiance you are seeking.

The family will be making their way to the table at Thanksgiving. Why not spruce it up with a beautiful centerpiece to make it more inviting? There’s no need to go all out. In fact, you can often use items lying around the house to save yourself some time and money. Candles and flowers make the perfect simple centerpiece yet gives off that holiday vibe you are looking for.

Speaking of table centerpieces, the next thing to consider is pulling out the festive dinnerware. Do you have dishes you only pull out for special occasions? What’s more special than the holidays spent with family and friends? Adding your unique dining set to the mix promises plenty of dinner conversation too.

Decorating with candy is another way to get yourself into the holiday spirit. Believe it or not, candy brings a sense of holidays and can be used as decor throughout the home. Use nice bowls you have lying around, fill them with holiday candy, and you’re all set. Candy canes, for example, can add that creative touch to not only the Christmas tree but also to centerpieces and other decor you want to add a little flair too.

Fill a glass vase with ornaments for the ultimate holiday decor. Who says ornaments are only meant for the Christmas tree? Add a touch of color to the bathrooms, living room, and even the guest bedroom to create the holiday flow you’re looking for.

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