Austin is the city that boasts and brags about so many amazing attractions, activities, and eateries, but we’re still a city with a few secrets. We’ll spill the beans about some of the places every Austinite or future Austinite should know about and make a point to visit.

Fairy Alley

If the name doesn’t give you an immediate magical feeling, then it’ll hit when you visit the area behind the Lamar Union complex. The alley is sure to bewitch you with its charm as the brightly painted fence and asphalt, holiday-themed decor, and whimsical items hanging from the trees above delight your child-like wonder!

Mayfield Park

Right off of off 35th Street is a small yet scenic park with trails, gardens, and some birds you may not be used to seeing outside of zoos. Get hiking and take a peek at the peacocks!

Austin Nature and Science Center

If you’re hoping to find your inner Indiana Jones, the Austin Nature and Science Center has a Dino Pit for pretend fossil excavations. For those with little ones, there’s a trade counter where kids can trade their interesting finds for an ancient trinket in the center’s trade collection.

Here Nor There

We couldn’t talk about Austin secrets without mentioning at least one of the several speakeasies in the area! Here Nor There is an exclusive venue that offers cocktails made with some of the rarest booze in the nation and has an ever-evolving menu and theme. You can find more information about the cozy and thrilling venue through their Here Nor There app and you can even book a reservation to visit.

Hidden Room Theatre

Art is immersive, and in Austin, that has a whole new meaning. Hidden Room Theatre is a troupe that transports audiences to other periods and places. In these performances, you’re not just an audience member, but a cast member as well. Join in on the story and check out what new show is happening in the area.

Now that you’ve caught word of some of the most interesting places to visit around Austin, are you hungry for more? Our team knows all about the area, and we’re happy to pass along more information on what we love about the city! And, if you or someone you know are looking to buy or sell a home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.