With an average of 228 days of sunny weather a year happening in Austin, it’s no surprise that as a community, we’re not sure what to do when the temperatures dip, the sky darkens, or, heaven forbid, those icy flakes fall from the sky.

That said, when the weather does change from the standard sunny, hot, and humid weather we’re used to, everyone’s talking about it. In fact, if you’re an out of towner that happens to visit during a string of off weather, we apologize for how often you hear your Uber drivers, bartenders, and new friends talk to you about it.

The only excuse we’ve come up with for why weather is always such a hot topic is that Austin residents are all amateur meteorologists with a secret obsession with barometers, wind patterns, and storms. There are some bad habits we’ve all fallen into that we think we should collectively agree to stop doing.

1. Stop blasting forecast updates on social media.

Seriously, stop. If we want to know about the weather, we’ll check the news, the weather app on our phones, or hold on to your pants for this one, walk outside. We get it, it’s pretty wild that it snowed, but it has happened before, and it won’t make our brains explode to see it happen again.

2. Wearing snow boots, sweaters, and attire that makes it look like your adventuring to The Alps when it dips below 70 degrees is a fashion N-O.

We know that there’s a limited window of opportunity to show off those cozy sweaters, Ugg boots, and fashionable jackets, but if you can look outside and see a sea of short sleeves, flip flops, and shorts, that means it’s not the time to bust out your fall collection.

3. Cowboy boots are not rain boots.

We’re not knocking your cowboy boots. We know they’re a pretty standard Austin-issue style staple, but when you see the sky dumping water like someone who just finished watching season two of This Is Us, maybe trade them in for some more sensible shoes. We guarantee your loved one is going to want to kick you out of the house if you come home and take off your shoes after a swampy day of your wet, sock-covered feet suffocating in your beloved boots.

We’re tuned in to all of Austin’s biggest trends. Whether it’s how residents chat about the weather, where people convene to grab a margarita after work, or what the real estate market is up to, we have all of the answers. If you’re curious about making this amateur meteorologist mecca your home, give us a call at (512) 586-7270 anytime.