Social distancing is being taken to the next step in and around Austin, with many businesses closing up shop and news encouraging as many people as possible to stay home. With that in mind, we have a new way to keep spirits high and have a little fun with your family. Stay inside and have a friendly scavenger hunt! Check out our scavenger hunt for inspiration.

1. Go through your closet to put together the craziest outfit you can and take a photo. You can award bonus points for outfits that channel 80s vibes, outfits that would make people think you were the long lost member of a boy band, or outfits that uniquely use old Halloween costumes.

2. Pick a scene from your favorite movie and film your group performing it like it was a Shakespearean play.

3. Collect a bill or coin of foreign currency. If you don’t have any saved, draw one - the person to make it look as close to the real deal gets the points!

4. Check your social media channels, and screenshot the number of engagements, weddings, and baby announcement photos you see on your timeline in the first five minutes.

5. Find an old textbook and try to work out the practice problems or questions included in one of the chapters. The team to get the most questions right will get the points.

6. Each team needs to find old magazines or newspapers that they can cut up to create a poem using the words included in the print material.

7. Create a family/friend timeline using the photos in the photo albums around the house.

8. Try to recreate the photos on the other teams’ social media profiles. You’ll get one point for each photo you can recreate.

There are tons of ways to stay indoors and still have fun. Take the extra time with your friends and family to make some great memories. The world will keep spinning, and the Austin community will continue to persevere through these tough times. We’re seeing that in the Austin real estate market, so if you’re still in need of a team to help you buy or sell your home, give us a call at (512) 586-7270.