Austin has a rich and diverse history. It’s one of the reasons it was made the capital of Texas in 1839, and the rich background story of our city draws people of all backgrounds to be a part of the future of our community. With a rich history comes many unique features to Austin, including some of the most interesting architecture in Texas. Check out some of our favorite Austin architectural landmarks.

Texas State Capitol - 1100 Congress Ave.

Construction of the Texas State Capitol began in 1853, but after a fire in 1881 that damaged the original design, the structure we see today is the third version. With a dome that stands 302.64 feet tall, 360,000 square feet of space, nearly 400 rooms, and 900 windows, it’s the sixth tallest state capitol. It has been repeatedly voted the number-one state capitol by architects.

Governer’s Mansion - 1010 Colorado St.

The Texas Governer’s Mansion completed construction in 1856, making it the fourth oldest governor’s mansion in the country. The mansion was remodeled in 1914 in order to add bathrooms and a few additional square feet.

The Caswell House - 1404 West Ave.

The Caswell House is registered as a City of Austin Historic Landmark. It’s a turn-of-the-century home conveniently located near the Texas State Capitol and The University of Texas. The Caswell House is used to host several weddings, luncheons, and events throughout the year.

Paramount Theatre - 713 Congress Ave.

There are very few old theatres that have been preserved quite to the Paramount Theatre’s standards. It originally opened in 1915 and has continued to be a place for Austinites to watch live performances and films. It’s hosted classics like Houdini and Katherine Hepburn to current artists like Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow.

The Driskill Hotel - 604 Brazos St.

Built in 1886 for a cattle baron, The Driskill Hotel was lost in a card game soon after it was built. It has a vintage feel that has continued to be restored and preserved. It’s a great place to explore, and any history buff will love to sit in the gorgeous lobby, have a drink at its famous bar, and stay in one of the famous rooms.

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