First impressions are very important. It’s a truth that we’ve been repeatedly told all our lives, but it’s becoming increasingly true when it comes to your home. People are judging your home before they even finish pulling up to your driveway. So, how do you ensure your home stuns your guests?

1. Make sure your lawn is something to fawn over. 

By this, we mean that it’s important that you’re regularly keeping up with your yard. Make time to mow the yard, rake up leaves, pull weeds, and water it to ensure you don’t get any brown spots. It also helps to add some greenery, so consider adding some planters or window boxes with your favorite flowers and plants.

2. Bring a little color to your door! 

There’s nothing that says “hello” quite like a freshly painted door in your favorite color. Choose something that accentuates or enhances the other colors your home uses.

3. Makeover your mailbox. 

No one likes to see a mailbox that looks as if it’s been through a few accidents and has some terrifying war stories. Go with something more stylish and fitting for your home.

4. Clean your gutters. 

Cosmetically it doesn’t look nice to have leaves, sludge, and dirt collecting in your gutters. It also doesn’t allow your gutters to properly do their jobs, so make a point to clean your gutters at least twice a year.

5. Add some decor. 

Wreaths are commonplace around the holidays, but they can also be a fun way to welcome your guests all year round. Look at wreaths that include the colors of your home or that bring a seasonal flair.

6. Power wash your home. 

Just as dirt and debris can collect on your car, it can collect on your home, walkways, and porch. Consider renting a power washer to give your home a deep cleaning, and you’ll be surprised at how much your home will gleam!

7. Add new hardware and fixtures. 

It’s always the accents that can truly make a home pop, so when you’re making adjustments, don’t overlook things like your outdoor lights, doorknobs, and doorbell. Bringing a fresh touch to features that all homes have can really make your house stand out.

You’d be surprised at how much the curb appeal of your home plays into the resale value of your home and how easy it is to attract potential buyers when the front of your house is well-kept. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home and need a team that can guide you through it all, give us a call!